We are constantly creating value to our investors taking into consideration a rigorous corporate governance and an alignment with our clients’ interests.


Mauricio Ortiz Calderón

Founding Partner, Managing Partner

12 years of experience in Private Equity and 7 years as Managing Partner of Plentia Capital.

Previously, he was associated with various companies from Grupo Aval, being on executive positions for more than 18 years. He has administered assets for approximately $300 million USD.

 Before that, he oversaw the structuring and management of two Private Equity Funds in Colombia for 3 years. His working experience is focused on different companies from the financial sector such as pension funds, leasing companies, banks and financial corporations, having leading roles in all of them. Also, he has been a member of management boards of real estate companies.

 He is an Industrial Engineer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana specialized in Strategic Marketing from CESA. He participated in the Management Development Program (PDD) 2006-2007 from the INALDE Business School.

Felipe Montejo Bonilla


With 17 years of experience in investments and 10 years in management roles within the real estate sector, he has structured and overseen projects for over $180 million USD. Before that, he has had experience in the financial and floriculture sectors, having executive roles in administrative, financial and marketing areas.

 He is a Business Administrator from Suffolk University in Boston, with a Master’s Degree in marketing and Communication from Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Angela Vanegas

Project Manager

18 years of experience focused on the structuring and management of real estate projects. 7 years in management positions on construction companies and promotion of real estate projects. She has participated in development projects valued at 400,000 MM approx and structured projects worth at 360,000 MM approx.

She is a Civil Engineer graduated from the Colombian School of Engineering, specialist in Financial Management and Administration from the Pilot University.

Sebastián Sánchez Arias

Chief Investment Officer

12 years in Private Equity and 7 of them in Plentia Capital. To date, he has structured and managed resources for more than $100 million USD in real estate private equity funds.

 He is and Industrial Engineer from Universidad de los Andes with a Master’s Degree in Finance. He participated in the Management Development Program (PDD) 2006-2007 from the INALDE Business School.


Our team has developed a collective consciousness based on performance, trust, creativity and results in order to create value to our clients.